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Paul Blundell: Chasing new ways of living and housing

paul blundellTransnationality, real communities, production and consensus decision-making are some of the axes of the new ways of living and housing. During Somero 2015 Paul Blundell will present to us the experience of “From point A”.

Paul Blundell has been a member of Acorn – an offshoot of Twin Oaks, one of the most famous egalitarian communities in the world – since 2005. He is a tireless promoter of the egalitarian ethos representing it in conferences and organizing meetings with other communities worldwide. Paul is a former delegate of the FEC (the American Federation of Egalitarian Communities) and one of the pioneers and apostles of Point A, an East Coast project for promoting urban egalitarian communities and co-living.

During 2014 Paul Blundell made a trip across Europe mapping and knowing communitarian experiences and new forms of social organization. His participation will be key in the session day «The place of change: Co-livings, hacker hostels, egalitarian communities and digital nomads»

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